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Is this poo normal?

My son, (who is 11 months) since I can remember always had a solidish bowel movement between 7-9 am and then more later, But a few days ago his poo changed completely from what I call normal to yellowy liquid farts. Sometimes green. Always somewhat runny. He has never had nappy...

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Should I introduce a dummy?

Bub is 4 months old and I have avoided using a dummy for various reasons (having to wean him off it, possible teeth damage when he has teeth, mostly because he just won’t take to the plastic dummy or bottle in his mouth). However I have suffered severely in recent...

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Places to entertain my 1 1/2 yr old

I am looking for ideas, places to take my 1 1/2 yr old in Melbourne. Preferably the northern suburbs. We love the zoo but now it’s coming into yucky weather we would also like ideas for indoors also.

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Have you read "Before I go" by Colleen O...

I got this book from Mouths of Mums as a monthly reward. I just finished it and I absolutely loved it. Daisy is young (just 27 years old) but she has “Lots of cancers” (as she says) and she knows she’s gonna die soon. She’s married and she decides that...

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