Mouths of Mums
Mouths of Mums

I have a stye on my eye, does gold rubbed on area ...

Whenever I’m run down I always seem to get a stye, I’ve heard that rubbing gold works but I’m wondering if this is a old wives tale as I have tried to no avail. Hoping you mums can suggest something.

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Is it normal for baby to be so low?

Hi I’m 26 weeks pregnant and baby sits extremely low. Her head is at one hip and her feet at the other, this is causing me such horrible back pain and joint pain in my legs. Should she be this low as she never has moved up? And any tips to...

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Does anyone have some ideas for a 5 yo birthday?

Our grandson is turning 5, he has no parents & we are on a pension. Does anybody have any ideas as I do know what to do for him. He loves action heroes, but don’t know where to start ?

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Do behaviour charts work?

I’m trying to find ways to teach my son and daughter they need to behave before receiving awards. Do behaviour charts actually work?

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