Mouths of Mums
Mouths of Mums
Maggi Stir Fry risotto and burgers fresh ideas

Serve up something healthy and tasty with Maggi Fr...

As mums, it’s really important that we provide our families with meals that are healthy, fresh and tasty – because we want to be sure everyone will eat them! Which is why we are so excited to announce the Maggi Fresh Ideas Review – made especially for busy mums who want...

Tin of SPC Spag a Stralia and tub of SPC My Daily Fruit

SPC Sneaky Veg & SPC My Daily Fruit

SPC understands that getting kids to eat their daily dose of vegetables and fruit can be a battleground for mums. That’s why we are excited to announce the SPC Sneaky Veg and SPC My Daily Fruit review! If you are always on the lookout for ways to ensure your children are getting...

New releases from Simon & Schuster

Everyone deserves some time out with a really great book! Which is why we are thrilled to announce that we’ll be giving you or your child the chance to read and review one of the latest releases from Simon & Schuster Australia. With characters you’ll love, places you’ll want to visit, we...

9 out of 10 mums recommend Penny the Pirate OPSM Kids Book


Introducing Penny the Pirate – OPSM Kids Book Penny the Pirate allows you to read with your child whilst following three simple eye screenings that will help identify if your child may be having issues with their vision and would benefit from an eye test. The Penny the Pirate book comes with a...

Range shot showing Radiant No Sort Range for Radiant No Sort Product Review_Mouths of Mums


As mums in busy households, there’s one thing we know … there will always be loads of washing to be done! Which is why we’re excited to announce the Radiant No Sort product review … We’ll be sending hundreds of mums the revolutionary new product from Radiant and asking them to put...


How do I remove permanent marker from matte finish...

My 5 year old got creative and I live in a rental property. How can I remove permanent marker from matte finish paint?

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What should I include in my son's party bags...

He is having a party with about 14 kids, 7-8 year old boys. I don't want to include too much junk and lollies - but something the kids will love.

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Ideas on how to stop a 2 year old wriggling out of...

My daughter constantly gets her arms out of her seat belt no matter what I do. Just wondering how other mums have solved this problem.

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Recommendations on reusable snack bags?

I am using SO many of the plastic snack bags to take biscuits, sandwiches, snack bars in my baby's lunchbox. It's not things I can just pack in the lunchbox separately and do need to keep them wrapped. I throw out so many when I get home. Does anyone have...

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