Hello gorgeous friend …

I really miss your smile

I wish, I wish with all my heart

We could stop and chat awhile.

I’d buy (or make) a coffee

And I’d listen while you spoke

And the reasons why you are my friend, our coffee would invoke.

But the miles and miles of distance

Or our busy, busy lives

Mean that coffee’s out of the question

We’ll just have to survive

On the connection that us mums can have even when we are apart

Know today as everyday … You are always in my heart.

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About The Author

Nikki Hills, Mum of 4 and Founder of Mouths of Mums®. Nikki’s a regular mum who tries to squeeze too much into her day and never gets around to folding all the clothes!  Her gorgeous kids keep her on the hop and inspire her everyday! Nikki created Mouths of Mums® to give mums an honest place where they can review and sample products, hear what other mums think and share with other mums. You can also follow Mouths of Mums (& Nikki) on facebook or on twitter.