All the most wonderful mums take part in MoM Rewards and you’re no exception. We’re just so excited to see you getting involved and earning points towards prizes!

Use this page to keep track of all the points you’re earning, what MoM Rewards level you are currently on and how many points you need to earn to make it to the next level.

Remember that we have lots of members who enjoy getting involved with MoM Rewards each month, so whilst you might be in the red section, we only have a finite amount of prizes available each month and this is no guarantee that you will receive a prize. Members are constantly earning points so if someone is continually earning points then they may overtake you on the leaderboard – the best way is to ensure you are earning points right up until the last day of each month, and keep checking this page to see if you’re still in the red section!

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5 POINTS: comment on post, post an answer, comment on a review, enter a competition. 10 POINTS: post a review. 15 POINTS: post a real story or refer a friend. 30 POINTS: complete your profile.Comment on a blog postPost an answerComment on a reviewEnter a competitionPost a reviewPost a real life storyRefer a friend who joinsComplete your profile


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