I stumbled across this quote:

“Live a balanced life – learn some and think some and draw and paint and sing and dance and play and work every day some.” Robert Fulghum

I like the fact that it covers work, study or applying thought as well as what may be fun or down time. So how do you make sure you have a balanced approach to your life.  Life is made up of many things and for each of us that wheel of life may look different.

Typical examples of things that may be featured include:

  • Health & Fitness – Looking after yourself
  • Work- this may be your own business or an employer you work for
  • Study or Personal Development- things that you are or want to learn
  • Family – spending time with family
  • Friends – spending time with friends, this may also be referred to as Social time
  • Relaxation or maybe Holidays – ‘time out’ and recharging sits here
  • Religion or Spirituality – whatever makes you feel connected to the world
  • Financial – Financial goals such as house purchase or saving for holidays etc.

So if you were to draw your wheel of life first identify where you spend most of your time. Then notice where you do not spend so much time.  Could this be where you need to invest in order to have balance?

For me, I have always enjoyed working, enjoyed my career and thrived on having lots to do with people.  If I am honest and look at where I spend my time, it is largely balanced between family, friends and work.  To gain some balance I need to connect with myself more that means spending more time on me.  Be that Personal Development, Health & Fitness, or Relaxation and Spirituality.

I am trying to create Balance that works for me now.  This will change as the months pass.  As circumstances change.  This is something I need to check in with.

For me I am going to try and balance my fitness goals…as well as doing hardcore exercise classes I am going to try yoga and stretching classes.  Take a solo walk on the beach and take in the sunshine.  I am tempted to try meditation and tame my monkey mind.  I am looking to read when I can instead of zombie out in front of the TV.   I want to make sure I am a present mum, wife and friend.  Able to concentrate on conversations even though I am constantly interrupted by my children!

This should lead to me having balance, right?

So who is Robert Fulgham?  He wrote a book in 1988 called All I really need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten. A book of uncommon thoughts on common things.

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