If you have an idea, think big. If you are passionate about something, it’s likely that others will be too. Set aside an amount of money and time you are willing to loose and go for it! Even if it doesn’t work out you’ll learn so much, especially about yourself and meet lots of great people in the process.

Before I started EnviroTrend, I had already been working from home for a few years. It has taken a lot of discipline and learning the hard way, but eventually you’ll find a balance that works for you.

Some days or weeks just won’t go as planned. It has taken me a while to accept, but there is no such thing as “normal week”. Just when I think this week is going to be normal – something happens – some positive like some publicity which brings enquiries from all directions, some not to so positive – sick kids to be worked around, broken appliances to be dealt with etc. More than likely, you are not selling lifesaving medical equipment, so you need to remind yourself no-one is going to die if you don’t get to something as planned.

Top 10 tips for Mumpreneurs in the making….

  1. Invest in the best technology you can afford – smart phone, tablet and laptop.  Use email and skype wherever possible to keep your costs down. Get a good hands free mobile phone kit for the car and make calls while you are driving.
  2. Have systems in place (if you’ve got to do something more than once create a system and streamline processes).
  3. Outsource as many home and work tasks as you can afford such as IT, Accounting, Ironing, Cleaning. Arrange an account with Australia Post and for a small fee you can have your internet orders collected.
  4. Aim to work ‘on the business’ rather than ‘in the business’ as soon as possible, so employ good staff as soon as you can afford to, even just an hour here or there. Employ other mums who might be professionals unable to go back to full time work.
  5. Get dressed like you’re going to work. You never know who might arrive at your door and you’ll feel more confident even when talking to clients on the phone.
  6. Get Away!  Get away on weekends or just go out and have fun. The house will still be dirty when you get back, but I am yet to hear of someone lying on their death bed wishing they’d had a cleaner house!
  7. Plan your Days. Work your hours around the kids.  Start early and finish early so you get that time in the afternoon with the kids so they can tell you about their day, help with homework etc.  Check emails and prepare for the next day in the evening after dinner. Don’t over commit yourself with kid’s activities – you are not depriving your children by not signing them up to a different sport or activity every day of the week.
  8. Get to Bed.  Don’t work past 9pm at night and keep a notepad next to your bed so you can write great ideas down when you think of them.
  9. Buy a slow cooker – plan meals in advance so you’re not stressed come witching hour/homework time.
  10. Reflect on what you have achieved rather than what’s still on the “To do List”.

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About The Author

QLD Entrepreneur and Mum, Janina Byrne, has combined her environmental conscience and a love of practical products to form EnviroTrend, the company that produces the PAKItToMe™ and SAKitToMe™ collections. Janina is a busy mum who has juggled her day job and family to bring you a space saving hero on a key ring and the only bag for people on the go. Visit http://www.envirotrend.com.au/for more information.