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Has anyone been to a kikki k workshop?

Has anyone been to a kikki K workshop? Which one? Are they worth it?

3 Answers

Have you been to a renaissance fair?

Has anyone been to a renaissance fair? We are going for my birthday it’s in two weeks , i’d love to wear a...

3 Answers

Sewing machine problems

I have a singer sewing machine which suddenly stopped working properly. The top thread keeps getting stuck on the hook and the neddie...

11 Answers

Does anyone know of a crochet pattern for Rainbow ...

I am after a pattern to make a unicorn doll for children.

8 Answers

What is your favourite accessory to wear?

Adding to the outfit for the day!

10 Answers

What are your summer holiday activities?

I am looking for new activities to do with my 4 year old & 11 month old boys this summer

4 Answers

Hotel room activities?

What are some things for 2 boys to do in a hotel room? After a long day of beach, food and shops… relaxing...

3 Answers

What do kids need for a road trip?

Will be going on holidays in January. Only traveling 3 hours there and 3 hours back but you know how kids can be! Things for...

4 Answers

How many mums have gone back to Ma Christmas prese...

With Christmas around the corner it’s cheaper to make a few gifts than rack up debt

20 Answers

When should I send out my wedding invitations?

Is there a time limit on sending out wedding invitations? Eg 2 weeks before the ceremony, 2 months,...

9 Answers

Do you have any gift ideas for girls?

I’m looking to buy some gifts from ‘santa’ but I don’t want to buy anything that just takes up space.

12 Answers

Do you know any fun Summer outdoors activities for...

I have 2 boys aged 6 and 8. They LOVE having friends over, so this year ive made...

25 Answers

How can I remove a paint stain from vinyl flooring...

I have tried metho, goof off, magic eraser, turps, hot soapy water, graffiti wipes. And still can’t get...

5 Answers

Does anyone know where to buy patterns?

Looking for good patterns for Halloween – any ideas?

21 Answers

How do mums store baby photos?

Do you store them digitally or place them in photo albums?

11 Answers

Is quilting an expensive hobby?

Would like tips from any quilters. Is it expensive and time consuming?

13 Answers

Do any mums make Halloween costumes?

Or do you buy them? Starting to plan for Halloween.

7 Answers

Do you keep special baby items as keepsakes?

I love to keep the special and much loved handmade baby clothes. I hope they will be passed onto future generations. Do other...

7 Answers

Any Arts and Crafts ideas for a box of old shells?

Would love to use them in a creative project, Any ideas?

10 Answers

Ideas for daddy-daughter date for Father’s day w...

Note: we live in the country with limited facilities around.

6 Answers

Any ideas for upcycling old costume jewellery?

Would love some creative ideas?

4 Answers

Any ideas for good short courses?

Possibly hobby related courses?

7 Answers

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