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Favourite books for kids?

After some new titles for 4-7 yrs olds?

2 Answers

Do you use wish?

Been looking at wish and theres a few things that i want to get but a bit worried if its a legit site....

7 Answers

How to become a tutor?

Ive looked and searched the internet but have ben unable to find any answer.

1 Answers

Does your child have their own youtube channel?

Ive just started a youtube channel for my daughter. She asked to do one and we only really...

5 Answers

HELP! My son is a loner

my 10 year old son wont make friends i told him to at least make one friend so he isnt lonely on...

2 Answers

Urgently need some ideas for an Autistic adult act...

If you have any ideas or suggestions for activities to do with a deaf Autistic adult I would...

4 Answers

Further bursitis update

I wrote a little while back about my shoulder bursitis. I had the cortisone injection with no affect whatsoever. The Dr said I’m...

3 Answers

Do you swear in front of your kids?

i am interested to know peoples view on swearing infront of their kids and does it have any impact.

7 Answers

Year 11 presentation ball: why on earth is it a th...

Recently I became aware of the year 11 presentation (or debutane) ball that so many schools hold, where...

7 Answers

What is worthy of a school suspension?

My 6yr old autistic daughter was recently suspended for 4 days for running out the classroom and going to the playground and refusing...

7 Answers

Should you force siblings to play

I am not a mom but i am a god mom and auntie. But heres the thing my nephews are almost 11 and...

11 Answers

Teenager whose lost interest in school

My teenager is not getting up in the mornings to go to school. He has his alarm set, we wake him up and...

13 Answers

Changing from private to public school?

We are moving soon and looking at school option for our children. The two younger kids go to a private school, but we...

10 Answers

are others addicted to marketplace?

Im addicted to social media, in particular facebook market place! I want to buy everything I see! not good lol. ive also been...

15 Answers

Activities for Deafblind teenager

Im running out of ideas of activities to do with a deaf blind teenager. any ideas welcome.

4 Answers

how can i stop my son from misbehaving so much?

My son will yell, scream, hurt other kids, not do as his told, refuse to do his school...

6 Answers

Where can you buy lula clips or an alternative

They are clips that hold buckles to the side while you can get baby into a car seat...

5 Answers

Anyone have a little one starting school this year...

Okay so my first born is starting school this year. I don’t know if it sounds silly but...

2 Answers

does anyone know of any sensory activities or gard...

I am looking for a sensory garden and sensory activities around Adelaide area for a deaf blind...

7 Answers

Best games for 3 & 7 year old?

We have connect 4, pie face and monoply – any other ideas of games kids are loving?

9 Answers

Ideas for a 6 year old this xmas ?

My kids both have birthdays around the xmas season and running out of ideas! we have lego, trains, scooters and games!

8 Answers

Do you have any recommendations for books?

Looking for some new books to read over the holidays. Would love your suggestions.

18 Answers

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