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Do you have and christmas card ideas?

I’m thinking of doing a themed Christmas card this year. Therefore, does anyone have any successful ideas for two junior school aged...

11 Answers

Does anyone belong to any writing groups?

Would you be able to share the names?

8 Answers

How do you handle children swearing?

My 4 yr old grandson has taken to swearing. My daughter inlaw is devasted. How have other mums handled this...

6 Answers

Has anyone had any experience with NBN that they...

It has been rolled out in our area and we have until 26th October to switch to an...

10 Answers

How do you combat spam?

It is time consuming to get rid of it and clogs up the inbox.

11 Answers

Have anyone made a complete career change?

Was it by choice and and suggestions for finding a new career would be appreciated.

7 Answers

What's your favourite end of year teacher gif...

Do you make things or buy them?

9 Answers

Who is your favourite children's author and/o...

Any favourite books?

8 Answers

Which gaming console is best for primary aged chil...

Play Station, Xbox or Wii?

4 Answers

Apple or Android?

Which operating system do you prefer?

6 Answers

Did you know you can donate your umbilical cord??

I was able to donate my umbilical for my first bub but was not able to for the...

17 Answers

How many naps should a one-year-old have per day?

My grandaughter seems to want a morning and afternoon sleep

4 Answers

How can t do a review on Nutrimetics anti age grap...

I won a bottle of this great product and wrote 1 review in Rate it but I THINK...

4 Answers

How do you heat soup from frozen in the LG Neo Mic...

Read all your wonderful reviews, went out and bout one of these machines, but no instructions to do...

5 Answers

How can I stop my child from swearing?

It’s a nightmare and such faul language should never come out of such an innocent little girls mouth.!! Pleeaaasseee heeeeellppp.

15 Answers

Online money making ways

Has anyone found a way to make extra money online be it product testing and writing reviews, or online surveys. Not looking for...

15 Answers

Anyone know of a good book to read?

I’m going camping next week and would really love a good book to read there’s so many to choose from! Does anyone have...

15 Answers

What are some educational apps for 4.5 year olds?

Any suggestions for educational apps for my 4.5 year olds? I want to steer away from minecraft and...

7 Answers

is technology having an adverse effect on the youn...

Tablets, computers and mobile phones effecting our children, in adverse ways, making them despondent.

13 Answers

Do you know of any sturdy toys for dogs?

Looking for toys that are tough and sturdy and will last. They need to be able to withstand plenty of chewing.

12 Answers

Cracked skin behind ears

Has anyone else ever experienced cracked skin behind their ears? A quick web search informs me children often get it and it’s eczema...

8 Answers

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