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Would love some kids lunch ideas aside from roll/...

After a bit more variety and pizazz for lunchtimes!

1 Answers

Do you shop at Costco?

I want to start shopping at costco but ive heard you really only save money if you get their petrol. Does anyone who...

5 Answers

What winter veg is good to grow?

I am a novice but want to start growing my own veggies. I’m looking for ideas on what veggies to plant now.

3 Answers

Best money saving tips

I’m needing to cut back to save money. I’m looking for any tips to do with food to help save/cut back our food...

8 Answers

What is recommended for first solids for a 4 month...

My baby is going to be 4 months soon, and want to start solids but dont know which...

6 Answers

Difference between manuka honey and raw honey

Anybody know the difference and if they hold the same health benefits

5 Answers

Party Ideas

10 year old party ideas would be great which are not to expensive and food ideas for a very fussy eater.

7 Answers

10 Month Old food ideas?

Hi Ladies, I’m looking for some food ideas or recipes for my ten month old that could also feed my 9-year old (if...

13 Answers

how to stop chocolate cravings

I just seem to crave chocolate all the time and eat way too much – I’m trying to stop! any hints on how...

25 Answers

Looking to buy a blender for puree’s. Any recomm...

Our food processor broke & im looking for advice on any options within my budget

5 Answers

Has any one got a good recipe

For pumpkin pie pastry

2 Answers

When should I start solids?

My bub is 3 months 1 week and showing a great interest in food. I wont be giving her anything until 4 months.....

5 Answers

What juicer/food processor do you use or recommend...

I have a 6month old & our food processor recently broke! My daughter is starting solids so we...

2 Answers

My husband's high blood pressure

What food guidelines should I be looking at to help get my husband off blood pressure tablets? He also needs to loose weight...

4 Answers

Solution for a 9yr old labrador's arthritis?

I’m over giving my dog medications for her arthritis. Is there food or liquid or some sort of...

1 Answers

Is it ok to tell aunties to only buy 1 easter egg ...

My kid has aunties that buy him not only more than one egg, but also a present for...

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What will you be serving for Easter?

Traditional Easter food or something modern?

17 Answers

Appetite seems to fluctuate

Appetite fluctuates regularly but there’s days where my 4 year old has a huge appetite I should I he more relaxed about this...

10 Answers

Recipes please……

Does anyone know a good recipe for sour dough pancakes I would love to get some feedback

2 Answers

How do you feel?

About sugar replaced in drinks and foods what do you think and do you like the other option

7 Answers

36 hour rise

36 he slow rise sour dough is that keto friendly by rights all the sugars get eaten

5 Answers

Crunchy or soggy cereal..?

Do you like either better and why

13 Answers

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