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What will you be serving for Easter?

Traditional Easter food or something modern?

15 Answers

Appetite seems to fluctuate

Appetite fluctuates regularly but there’s days where my 4 year old has a huge appetite I should I he more relaxed about this...

7 Answers

Recipes please……

Does anyone know a good recipe for sour dough pancakes I would love to get some feedback

1 Answers

How do you feel?

About sugar replaced in drinks and foods what do you think and do you like the other option

5 Answers

36 hour rise

36 he slow rise sour dough is that keto friendly by rights all the sugars get eaten

4 Answers

Crunchy or soggy cereal..?

Do you like either better and why

9 Answers

Quick, easy dinner ideas?

Simple ideas for dinner, cheap and easy family meals. Also any grocery budgeting tips highly welcomed also.

9 Answers

Buying a thermomix

I know that Thermomix is expensive but is it really worth the money?

15 Answers

Cooking classes

Have you been to a cooking class and is it worth the money? Some of them seem pretty expensive.

13 Answers

What's for lunch?

I’m trying to take my lunch to work to save money and watch what I eat but I never know what to pack...

15 Answers

What's for the kids lunch?

Nearly every day I give my kids sandwiches. They used to get a treat at least once a week from the school canteen....

5 Answers

Fussy 4 year old who won’t eat new foods

How do you get your 4 year old to try new foods. My son is so fussy and I don’t know what to...

3 Answers

Has anyone used the healthy mummy app or shakes?

I been wanting to use the healthy mummy app and shakes, but I’m undecided whether I want to...

11 Answers

What can I feed my nut, dairy and egg free 1 year ...

I am looking for recipe ideas for my nut, dairy and egg free one year olds dinner- any...

14 Answers

Lunch box ideas please for a child that refuses to...

Hates and bread type products.

18 Answers

Does anyone know how to take of stickers off a pla...

I bought my daughter some plastic plates from nubi and they had the sticker on the inside of...

18 Answers

How do you use Flybuys?

We use them for dollars and spend them at Christmas time. How do other mums use their Flybuys points?

32 Answers

Is Christmas food expensive?

Is anyone else finding Christmas food and novelties expensive this year?

24 Answers

How are mums going with their Christmas budgets?

Are you sticking and staying on budget? Or buying a little extra? Do you find it tricky to...

9 Answers

What to make with egg yolk.

I’ve making an angel cake which calls for 12 egg whites. What can I use the yolks for? Seems like a lot to...

12 Answers

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