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What small things can I do to help to to lose weig...

So….If every journey starts with one small step and each step leads you closer to your destination –...

2 Answers

Itchy Skin

i am 22 weeks pregnant and have been itchy all over my body, went to the doctor and he checked my liver and...

14 Answers

Do you do anything special for your pelvic floor e...

Just wondering how you do your pelvic floor exercises? Does anyone have anything special they use (like probes...

12 Answers

What Can I buy my sister for Xmas?

Help me please!! She doesn’t have many interests, and has a small house with housemates so can’t really buy anything there. She doesn’t...

14 Answers

Any suggestions for a fitness tracker?

I am in need of a new fitness tracker and would love your suggestions.

23 Answers

Psorasis anyone else suffer from it?

Is there any psoriasis suffers and if you get it bad on the legs what do you use to shave your legs? I...

12 Answers

How many advent calendars do you have this year?

We have been given a lot of beautiful advent calendars. Some chocolate, novelty and my favourite skin care...

17 Answers

How to stop very oily skin?

I have very oily skin, i can wash my face with oil clearing washes and within a couple of hours i look like...

5 Answers

I have some Relatives that find Christmas very str...

I have some relatives that can get extremely cranky at the smallest things during Christmas time. They sometimes...

25 Answers

Recommendations for non-toxic make-up

Im looking for a natural kids play make-up for my daughter.

10 Answers

Broken bones

Wondering if any mums suffered broken or fractured bones through pregnancy or labour, and how did they fix afterwards if you’re breastfeeding...

11 Answers

How did you start getting back in shape post baby?

I’m exclusively breast feeding bub and loved gym (a lot) prior to this pregnancy… just wondering how mums...

8 Answers

Keto Dieting

Does anyone follow the Keto Diet? If so, is it hard to start and continue to follow? Thanks

8 Answers

How do you remove stains on white plates

Stained dishes

16 Answers

How do you get pen ink out of clothes

My SO had a pen explode in his pocked and it is all over his chino trousers. Does anyone have any suggestions on...

7 Answers

Can you recommend some good black friday sales?!

Any black friday sales you’re aware of that will be handy for christmas?!

8 Answers

What to wear to an outdoor/indoor wedding cocktail...

Would love suggestions for a dress. The wedding is in Summer and in the middle of the day...

7 Answers

Are you participating in Click Frenzy?

How good is Click Frenzy? Do you have to shop around? Are the savings worth it?

16 Answers

Almond Milk for Espresso machine

We have just purchased a Delonghi Espresso machine and looking for Almond milk recommendations to use in it. Looking for a brand that...

7 Answers

Tips for being stress free or less stressed

I feel as though most of the time I can be a little stressed out and need some advice

16 Answers

How Do I Lose My Excess Fat?

Even though I am active during the day

13 Answers

How do I stay on top of a diet

When all I can think about is food and I give up

10 Answers

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