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Travel sickness remedies for flying?

I am soon to go on a long haul flight and always seem to get really queasy flying - does anyone have any...

84 Answers

How do I overcome the accident?

When I was a young child I was in a car accident and I am really hurt as it has rect my life....

53 Answers

Remedies for warts?

Any remedies for warts? My daughter has 3 on her foot and refuses to have them frozen or burnt by the doctor as...

99 Answers

How to overcome morning sickness?

I am hoping to get some ideas on how to overcome my morning sickness (or at least get some new ideas to try...

144 Answers

Ideas for fitness challenges?

I struggle to keep motivated when it comes to exercises. Any ideas for a fitness challenge to try to keep interested? Aside from...

38 Answers

Fluttering eyelids?

Do any other mums suffer from fluttering eyelids? Any idea why this happens?

68 Answers

Cost of organic fruit & veg?

Do any mums buy organic fruit & vegetables & does this cost a lot?

71 Answers

What is Botox like?

Have any other mums had Botox? If so, what is it like?

38 Answers

My 3 children all bite their nails – what to do?...

My 3 children all bite their nails - what can I do? The boys even bite their toe...

51 Answers

How to tone belly skin?

I have had my third and last baby 9 months ago and am at the final stage of loosing the last 5 kg,...

95 Answers

How to handle the worry of miscarriage?

I’ve miscarried 4 months ago and now I’m pregnant again. I’m worried this will happen again…. do any mums have any advice on...

95 Answers

Teenage daughters hair

My daughter's hair is looking dull and lifeless. Does anyone know of a health tonic I can buy? I bought one from a...

174 Answers

How do I help improve my daughters memory?

Need advice from other parents. My step daughter is becoming so forgetful when it comes to school and constantly leaving things at school....

54 Answers

What to pack in my hospital bag?

What to pack in my hospital bag? I’m 34 weeks pregnant with my first and have just started packing my hospital bag. But I...

163 Answers

Birth control recommendations?

I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction with birth control and contraception. I have tried the injection, and...

73 Answers

Older mum was I selfish to not abort my twins?

My children are spaced from 31 years old to nearly 1 year. I have 6 children the only...

82 Answers

Is this normal with allergy eye drops?

I get bad allergies and my eyes go really red and itchy so I use 'Allergy Eyes' but I only get it in...

54 Answers

Sources of antioxidants (no tablets)?

I need a good source of antioxidants but can’t swallow tablets. Can any one help with some ideas?

73 Answers

What’s the best way to get rid of cradle cap on ...

What’s the best way to get rid of cradle cap on a 4 month old bub?

144 Answers

How to improve the condition of my skin?

My skin is dry one day oily the next the skin around my nose is dry and flakey but my chin is oily....

84 Answers

Hair tangles!

My 2 year old has the most gorgeous head of ringlets which I adore, problem is, when she wakes up in the morning,...

79 Answers

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