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Territorial dog!! Please help

We have had our youngest dog for over a year now. Hes been great but just recently hes become really territorial. He barks...

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What is planned for the garden in Winter?

Please share your ideas and projects.

6 Answers

Where is a good destination in Australia for a sno...

Looking for accomodation and activities for a family on a budget.

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HELP! My son is a loner

my 10 year old son wont make friends i told him to at least make one friend so he isnt lonely on...

2 Answers

Making new friends

My husband and i are thinking of moving city. What have other mum’s done in this situation to make new friends?

12 Answers

How do you destress?

I like to cook or clean

16 Answers

Urgently need some ideas for an Autistic adult act...

If you have any ideas or suggestions for activities to do with a deaf Autistic adult I would...

4 Answers

Getting my daughter back

So I was going through a really tough stage, so I asked my daughter’s grandmother (ex’s mum) if she could look after my...

7 Answers

how to stop chocolate cravings

I just seem to crave chocolate all the time and eat way too much – I’m trying to stop! any hints on how...

25 Answers

Girls Night Out

I’m wanting to head out with a few girlfriends and I just don’t know what to suggest – I don’t drink and I’m...

8 Answers

What do you think of Pandora bracelets?

Are they worth it and and are they good value?

28 Answers

Further bursitis update

I wrote a little while back about my shoulder bursitis. I had the cortisone injection with no affect whatsoever. The Dr said I’m...

3 Answers

Do you filter your rain water

We live in country victoria and have only rain water

7 Answers

Should you Desex your dog?

We have a 4 to 5 month old dog and we live in the country

12 Answers

At what age should a child be told someone has pas...

I have 2 small g/children and don’t know if they have any concept of a loved one passing...

4 Answers

Dealing with a very angry 9 yr old girl

Hi, My daughter is currently always angry at the world for one reason or another. Anger and tears are her first two emotions...

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How do you deal with passive aggressive behaviour?

My partner can be very passive aggressive when we have disagreement and I find it very hard to...

1 Answers

How can we help our 4 year old grieve?

My wonderful (and young — 56 years young ????) Dad recently passed away after a hard fought battle with cancer. Our 4 year...

4 Answers

Does anyone get the flu vaccination?

Please share your experience and thoughts?

8 Answers

Has anyone travelled to Tasmania on the Spirit of ...

Please share your experiences and is it expensive/cost effective?

4 Answers

What activities are you planning for Easter?

Low key home based activities or outings? Would love to read your suggestions/ideas.

12 Answers

What will you be serving for Easter?

Traditional Easter food or something modern?

17 Answers

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