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Do many mums on this site make presents for Christ...

I make presents and cards and do a lot of baking for gifts too. What homemade suggestions...

15 Answers

What new plants have you come across or purchased?

I am looking for some new ideas and suggestions for plants for the garden.

10 Answers

Has anyone bought a new fridge this year?

We are looking to upgrade our fridge. Please help with your suggestions and reviews on a recent purchase of a new...

11 Answers

Are there any DIY mums on this site?

I am keen to take on a paving project in the backyard. Just wondering if any other mums have completed a paving...

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How to slow children down

The most common heard story at mothers carers and grandparents group is how on earth do the kids keep going and going. Kids...

10 Answers

Has anyone adopted or in the process of adopting

My husband and I have had 7 attempts at IVF and now our only option is adopting but...

9 Answers

Have you lost yourself in motherhood

Now that both my children are at school full time, I feel like I don’t know who I am other then a mum...

16 Answers

Hey what do you mums do to keep yourself happy ins...

I’ve been trying to change a lot in my life at the moment like eating healthy and exercising...

18 Answers

Sad and don’t know why they did it.

I am going to write a story and sadly it is true. I am so sad and lost. What would you do? My...

9 Answers

My husband and his phone

I imagine that this is common. My husband is addicted to his phone. I talk to him but he is looking at his...

12 Answers

Any ideas for paying off mortgage quickly?

Looking for tips and suggestions.

7 Answers

Who has rosacea?

Looking for tips on make up, diet and so on that has helped keep your rosacea from flaring up.

4 Answers

camping with a 1 year old

any tips or suggestions

6 Answers

Tips needed for my daughters wedding!

My daughter is getting married very soon and I’m in a bit of a tizz. Do the same rules apply as they did...

29 Answers

Hot Flushes

I’m so hot at night waking up all night and my partner keeps complaining he’s cold. What’s wrong with me?

13 Answers

Keeping Up With The Grandkids As Age Catches Up

I have always wanted grandkids and to be able to run and play with them. Having been diagnosed...

5 Answers

Looking for recommendations for bedwetting alarm...

Looking for bedwetting alarms. Are they better if they’re wireless or with the connector?

3 Answers

What helped you get through PND?

I would love to know how other mums battled post natal depression. What helped you mothers get motivated to get back on your...

15 Answers

How do you move on from wanting more children?

I’d dearly love a third child but husband is an adamant no. I am grateful and feel blessed...

15 Answers

What do I do?

I’ve been with my husband for 3 years. We’re a blended family, both having children from previous relationships but none together. I’ve felt my...

9 Answers

Tips for menu planning

Does anyone menu plan for the week? any tips and suggestions?

14 Answers

Breast Cancer speckles

My friend has breast cancer and has to have a mastectomy. I am really worried for her as it is not a...

3 Answers

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