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photo sorting

Ok alopng the lines of the kondo thing, ive got 5-6 albulms full of photos, some from the 80’s. do you go through...

8 Answers

nail bitting

Im a chronic nail bitter and id like toi know if anything has worked for you to break the habbit.

10 Answers

Ocd question

Ok strange question Does anyone else feel sorry for the plates, cups clothes etc and the back of the cupboards that never get used...

9 Answers

behavioural issues

Hi, my 7 yr old hs some issues, im not sure if I should be concerned or follow up on. He’s scare of...

3 Answers

Going to Church?

Just curious how many people still attend a church service regularly. Or do you attend church for special occasions like Easter and Christmas....

17 Answers

Nz terror effects kids

My 7 yr old was listening to the news with me and started asking questions about a 3 yr old bring killed! He...

11 Answers

Should you force siblings to play

I am not a mom but i am a god mom and auntie. But heres the thing my nephews are almost 11 and...

10 Answers

side hustle

On the barefoot bandwagon, whats your little side hustle? I used to hire out skye from paw patrol costume, and then owlete, didn’t...

13 Answers

Update on bursitis condition

Update to recent post on bursitis. I’ve been back to the GP and the original diagnosis of bursitis was confirmed, a very severe...

8 Answers

Tips for autistic kids?

My daughter has just been diagnosed with autism. Does anyone have some things they do at home and in the community to support...

2 Answers

childs behaviour

My sons behavior worries me. He is scared of noises, like wont flush toilet, hand dryers, blenders etc, he wont sleep in the...

3 Answers

How do you make real friends?

I moved to another state over a year ago and still don’t have any friends! I am a stay at home mum. I...

10 Answers

Am I being too overprotective with my 9 yr old boy

My 9 yr old son made a new friend at his sport the other day and it happens...

9 Answers

heavy periods

Sorry TMI, im 38 and have started getting heavy periods, with clots, some 50 c size.. I can flood a regular pad 3...

11 Answers

online surveys

whats your favourite? im using my view and valued opinions.

10 Answers

are others addicted to marketplace?

Im addicted to social media, in particular facebook market place! I want to buy everything I see! not good lol. ive also been...

15 Answers

Activities for Deafblind teenager

Im running out of ideas of activities to do with a deaf blind teenager. any ideas welcome.

4 Answers

Would you interfere?

Hi all I’m just wondering how many other mums have been in this situation and what did you do? This morning I took miss...

17 Answers

Shoulder bursitis help

I’ve recently been diagnosed with shoulder bursitis. I was told it’s at least 3-6 months before it will be better. Can any mums...

8 Answers

idk whats wrong

so where do i start i’ve been with my girlfriend for a year now. everything was fine when we first got together fun...

5 Answers

Have any MoM experienced Perioral Dermatitis and t...

I’ve been suffering from this rash that occurs around the mouth for months now and I’m unable to...

3 Answers

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