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Is a nip a bite?

My friend has this rescue dog which obviously had a bad life before they rescued it, but has a nasty habit (which they...

6 Answers

I miss my granddaughters. Any words of advice?

When my son and daughter in law stopped contact with myself and my granddaughters they took my heart....

6 Answers

Where is your favourite cheesery?

Keen to visit some cheesery places on a road trip. Can be anywhere in Australia.

14 Answers

Has anyone ever been on a road trip?

Has anyone been on a lengthy road trip around Australia? Would you share your stories and tips? Thanks

6 Answers

Has anyone made a trip to the Northern Territory?

How did you get there and what are your best suggestions for travel, accomodation and any other...

8 Answers

Do you have Financial Year Goals?

I love to set goals, New Year Goals, weekly goals, monthly goals and Financial Year Goals. Do other mums set goals? ...

10 Answers

How Do You Stay Positive For Your Kids in a Bad Si...

I had major spinal surgery 18 months ago in which I almost died. It was a horrible experience...

3 Answers

Have I ruined my nails?

After finally giving up biting my nails, I have applied varnish everyday on and off for over a year – now they...

12 Answers

Why Do Mother in-laws Always Get The Blame From th...

My daughter in law tells me I cause drama and and my son, who was on ice and...

7 Answers

Do mothers and grandmothers get treated unfairly?

I think it’s time to tell the truth that every mother and grandmother sometimes get treated unfairly. Grandmother...

5 Answers

How Do I Tell My Son He Can’t Have A Sibling?...

My son asked me a question this morning and it really shook me. Before him, I never wanted...

116 Answers

Any castles in Australia?

We loved visiting a castle in NZ and wondered if there was anything similar in Australia.

6 Answers

Is there a natural ingredient to deter cats?

Our darling cat is climbing up and tearing the screens.

5 Answers

Has anyone been to Disneyland Florida?

It’s on our bucket list.

3 Answers

Does laughing really have health benefits

I’ve heard of laugh classes but not sure what do you think?

16 Answers

Do you believe in Angels?

Have you felt like someone is looking after you?

11 Answers

What are the best exercises for someone with Fibro...

I’ve read that exercise can help with the pain of Fibromyalgia so wonder if anyone knows first...

6 Answers

Do any mums on this site watch the soccer?

Do you watch it solo or with your children? I love the soccer and it is a good time for family bonding. We...

8 Answers

How do you survive on a budget when you retire?

I’m 55 years of age and I am looking into retirement. I love to travel I especially love...

8 Answers

How to survive when one retires

I’m 55 years of age and I am looking into retirement. I love to travel I especially love to shop. If I was...

4 Answers

What to say to your teen after their breakup?

What are some of the best things to say to your teen after their break up to help them be happy again.

5 Answers

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