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What Can I buy my sister for Xmas?

Help me please!! She doesn’t have many interests, and has a small house with housemates so can’t really buy anything there. She doesn’t...

18 Answers

does anyone know of any sensory activities or gard...

I am looking for a sensory garden and sensory activities around Adelaide area for a deaf blind...

7 Answers

Does anyone know how to take of stickers off a pla...

I bought my daughter some plastic plates from nubi and they had the sticker on the inside of...

18 Answers

has anyone got any tips for decluttering and organ...

Do you lose motivation when you are the only one that wants to decluttering and keep the house...

12 Answers

Who else struggles with kids decorating the tree

I definitely have control issues with my decorating

9 Answers

Do you have suggestions for stocking fillers for a...

Looking for some ideas for adult stocking fillers. Preferably with a budget in mind.

16 Answers

What are you doing to prepare for bushfire season?

Do you have a bushfire evacuation plan?

6 Answers

Washing machine options

We are in need of a new washing machine. Our current one doesn’t wash our blacks properly and has started to leak so...

17 Answers

Where is the best place to buy cheap containers fo...

Would love your suggestions. Planning to make some new terrariums over Summer.

17 Answers

How much money to put in a wedding wishing well?

Is there a standard amount to put in a wedding wish well?

24 Answers

What new plants have you come across or purchased?

I am looking for some new ideas and suggestions for plants for the garden.

14 Answers

Has anyone bought a new fridge this year?

We are looking to upgrade our fridge. Please help with your suggestions and reviews on a recent purchase of a new...

13 Answers

Are there any DIY mums on this site?

I am keen to take on a paving project in the backyard. Just wondering if any other mums have completed a paving...

2 Answers

Are you participating in Click Frenzy?

How good is Click Frenzy? Do you have to shop around? Are the savings worth it?

19 Answers

What household task do you despise?

Just curious what other mums struggle with and how they manage around it? For me it’s folding the washing!

28 Answers

Almond Milk for Espresso machine

We have just purchased a Delonghi Espresso machine and looking for Almond milk recommendations to use in it. Looking for a brand that...

8 Answers

Recipe Boiled Fruit Cake

Years ago I had a recipe for a boiled fruit cake and it was all mixed in the pot on the stove but...

7 Answers

How to stay cool in summer

Jut some tips and advise on keeping cool in summer indoor and out

10 Answers

When is it the best time to move houses?

Baby 1 is almost 2 years old. Baby no. 2 due December 2018. Help!

12 Answers

How to get the smell of smoke out of plastic

I recently purchased some toys ‘brand new in box’ from someone. When I got them home I was disappointed to discover they smelled...

11 Answers

Any ideas for paying off mortgage quickly?

Looking for tips and suggestions.

8 Answers

Has anyone bought a top loader washing machine rec...

I need some help finding a top loader washing machine, needs to be 8.5kg or bigger, Im having...

5 Answers

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