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Has anyone had any experience with NBN that they...

It has been rolled out in our area and we have until 26th October to switch to an...

11 Answers

What to do when you stop being a stay at home mum?

I had my first bub straight after high school,Only having worked at a fast food place for a...

14 Answers

How do you combat spam?

It is time consuming to get rid of it and clogs up the inbox.

11 Answers

Do you wear a face mask when sick?

Do you wear one when sick with the flu and you still have to go out in public? I do because I do...

7 Answers

Do you have thyroid problems?

I’m waiting for test results from the doctors but just wanted to see if any one else has a thyroid problem? I’m sleeping...

5 Answers

Is anyone a member of IRI shopper panel?

I have been invited to join IRI shopper panel and wondered if anyone is also a member and if so is it worth...

87 Answers

What's a good breed of dog for young school a...

Would you go big or small?

16 Answers

What plants are easy for children to look after?

Can be indoor or outdoor.

12 Answers

Where is your favourite place to shop for sheets?

Good price, but also good quality?

8 Answers

Has anyone tried growing and selling succulents?

Wondering if it’s a worthwhile business venture.

2 Answers

I need advice on a good freestanding oven

We are renovating our kitchen and i need to but a freestanding oven i wanted dual fuel in stainless steel, i want something...

3 Answers

how often should i water my indoor plants?

I water my indoor plants as per the instructions but they never seem to do very well. Should I let them dry out...

11 Answers

Has anyone been to a kikki k workshop?

Has anyone been to a kikki K workshop? Which one? Are they worth it?

4 Answers

Do you like Tupperware?

Love it or overpriced plastic? What are your thoughts?

21 Answers

Have you been to a renaissance fair?

Has anyone been to a renaissance fair? We are going for my birthday it’s in two weeks , i’d love to wear a...

3 Answers

Does anyone have partial dentures

Just wondering if anyone has partial dentures? You looking for any tips or advice

11 Answers

Has anyone got any tips for making a fancy looking...

My daughter turns 6 this year and I’m planning on making her a decent looking cake that hopefully...

11 Answers

Are steam combination ovens worth the money?

I’m looking at the built in steam ovens combination ovens and wondered is the oven a good proper oven it claims to be...

1 Answers

I need a new vacuum cleaner!

I have an old dyson which has just about had it, so its time for a new one! i’m not too keen on...

15 Answers

Which family history website is the best?

I am doing my family tree and wondered if anyone has purchased a subscription to ancestry or my heritage and which one is...

9 Answers

Can anyone recommend good Pillows?

I’m so sick of having to change our pillows constantly because they loose there shape and even though I keep changing the brand...

10 Answers

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