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Learning to Drive

Any parents of teenagers have tips on the learning to drive stage? especially a manual car?

10 Answers

When do you hold a party for a January birthday?

Many will be able to relate to this, holding a birthday party in January can be tricky: people...

8 Answers

does anyone know of any sensory activities or gard...

I am looking for a sensory garden and sensory activities around Adelaide area for a deaf blind...

7 Answers

My little boy keeps telling us how he is such a ba...

My son is 7 and recently has starting saying “I hate” and “mumma I’m such a bad boy”…we...

7 Answers

Best games for 3 & 7 year old?

We have connect 4, pie face and monoply – any other ideas of games kids are loving?

8 Answers

Nerf guns?

This might be a silly question but my 4 and 6 year old keep asking for nerf guns and all his friends have...

10 Answers

Ideas for a 6 year old this xmas ?

My kids both have birthdays around the xmas season and running out of ideas! we have lego, trains, scooters and games!

6 Answers

Help! My Daughter Is A Kleptomaniac!

We’ve just discovered our 11yo daughter continually steals things. Desperate to go on a shopping date with a friend, she was grounded because she...

17 Answers

Non electronic gift ideas for a 10 yr old

Looking for inspiration please for gift ideas (not clothing or school related) for 10 year old son.

2 Answers

How to keep calm when child is having a tantrum at...

How to not stress and make the child listen

2 Answers

How do make a december birthday special.

Both of my daughters have their birthday in December. What are some special things they can do (that are special as it’s december)....

1 Answers

Some easy elf on the shelf ideas please

I would love some easy, no prep elf on the shelf ideas.

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iPad Spyware to spy on kids

Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew of a spyware program that I can install on my teenage daughter’s ipad. I’m concerned she...

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Disney America

Does anyone have any advice on taking the children to America to go to Disneyland? would you recommend staying at the Disney...

5 Answers

What are you doing to prepare for bushfire season?

Do you have a bushfire evacuation plan?

2 Answers

What do you do to improve toddlers sleep

My 2 year old really struggles with sleeping more than 4 hours and I wanna improve that

4 Answers

Board Games

Looking board game recommendations for Tweens. I know rhetvalready have Scrabble, Monopoly, Rummi King, Boggle, Uno, Celebrity Heads, Trivis Pursuit etc

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Recommendations for non-toxic make-up

Im looking for a natural kids play make-up for my daughter.

10 Answers

Home schooling while travelling

My hubby and I are thinking about taking the kids out of school for 6 months and live in Canada (skiing). We...

5 Answers

How to slow children down

The most common heard story at mothers carers and grandparents group is how on earth do the kids keep going and going. Kids...

10 Answers

What to get Miss 7 for Christmas, we will be away,...

We will be interstate for Christmas Day so it needs to be small.

14 Answers

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