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Nz terror effects kids

My 7 yr old was listening to the news with me and started asking questions about a 3 yr old bring killed! He...

8 Answers

Should you force siblings to play

I am not a mom but i am a god mom and auntie. But heres the thing my nephews are almost 11 and...

8 Answers

Tips for having 3 boys!

I have 3 boys and they are so competitive.. any advice to help please?!

3 Answers

Tips for autistic kids?

My daughter has just been diagnosed with autism. Does anyone have some things they do at home and in the community to support...

1 Answers

Changing from private to public school?

We are moving soon and looking at school option for our children. The two younger kids go to a private school, but we...

3 Answers

Tips and timing for weaning off a dummy please?

My daughter just turned two and uses a dummy for sleep, when do I need to worry?

4 Answers

childs behaviour

My sons behavior worries me. He is scared of noises, like wont flush toilet, hand dryers, blenders etc, he wont sleep in the...

2 Answers

Am I being too overprotective with my 9 yr old boy

My 9 yr old son made a new friend at his sport the other day and it happens...

6 Answers

kids doing Parkour

my 7 yr old watches too much u tube. he has become interested in parkour. ive just enrolled him in some local classes....

3 Answers

Toilet training

My 5 year old still not interested in toilet training have tried rewards and wearing undies with no luck. Am feeling like a...

1 Answers

woolworths discs

im loving the woolies Disney discs, they are super cute. any other parents getting acted to collecting all these novelties? im more excitied...

4 Answers

My four year ol has started thumb sucking

Hi, my four year old has started thumb sucking, approx. 5 months now! not sure why or how to break this habbit. hoping...

3 Answers

Activities for Deafblind teenager

Im running out of ideas of activities to do with a deaf blind teenager. any ideas welcome.

1 Answers

What multivitamin donyou give your 1-5 year olds?

Currently using Nature’s Way

1 Answers

Fussy 4 year old who won’t eat new foods

How do you get your 4 year old to try new foods. My son is so fussy and I don’t know what to...

1 Answers

Would you interfere?

Hi all I’m just wondering how many other mums have been in this situation and what did you do? This morning I took miss...

16 Answers

how can i stop my son from misbehaving so much?

My son will yell, scream, hurt other kids, not do as his told, refuse to do his school...

5 Answers

How do you get your 2 year olds to accept they hav...

So I have 6 kids all under 5 and just had another. (Hubby loves a big Family)… My...

13 Answers

Is it worth hiring a jumping castle for a kids par...

My son’s first birthday is coming up and we’re thinking of hiring a jumping castle for his party....

7 Answers

Has anyone used the healthy mummy app or shakes?

I been wanting to use the healthy mummy app and shakes, but I’m undecided whether I want to...

10 Answers

Factory dance shop (online)

Hi Mums out there. I have a daughter who absolutely loves her dancing. She is 13. Being a mum of little means I...

4 Answers

My daughter's friend keeps hitting her.

My 8 year old daughter started playing with two girls from her year Y & Z. Y hits and pushes my daughter. My daughter...

3 Answers

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