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Did you make resolutions for 2019?

I always make resolutions and love to work hard on them all year? Do other mums do this too?

15 Answers

Your opinion about No Spend January 2019

I want to try the No Spend January to get my budget back on track. I just plan to pay the monthly bills,...

15 Answers

Gift ideas for sister in law

What do you get your sister inlaw who is a person who has everything! just a token gift not too expensive around $20...

21 Answers

Any suggestions for a fitness tracker?

I am in need of a new fitness tracker and would love your suggestions.

23 Answers

How do you use Flybuys?

We use them for dollars and spend them at Christmas time. How do other mums use their Flybuys points?

22 Answers

Do you buy yourself a little Christmas gift?

I like to buy a little gift for myself. Usually a book. Do other mums buy little gifts for themselves?

12 Answers

Do you have suggestions for stocking fillers for a...

Looking for some ideas for adult stocking fillers. Preferably with a budget in mind.

12 Answers

Is Christmas food expensive?

Is anyone else finding Christmas food and novelties expensive this year?

17 Answers

How are mums going with their Christmas budgets?

Are you sticking and staying on budget? Or buying a little extra? Do you find it tricky to...

6 Answers

Where is the best place to buy cheap containers fo...

Would love your suggestions. Planning to make some new terrariums over Summer.

13 Answers

Can you recommend some good black friday sales?!

Any black friday sales you’re aware of that will be handy for christmas?!

8 Answers

How much money to put in a wedding wishing well?

Is there a standard amount to put in a wedding wish well?

21 Answers

What to wear to an outdoor/indoor wedding cocktail...

Would love suggestions for a dress. The wedding is in Summer and in the middle of the day...

7 Answers

Do many mums on this site make presents for Christ...

I make presents and cards and do a lot of baking for gifts too. What homemade suggestions...

15 Answers

What new plants have you come across or purchased?

I am looking for some new ideas and suggestions for plants for the garden.

10 Answers

Has anyone bought a new fridge this year?

We are looking to upgrade our fridge. Please help with your suggestions and reviews on a recent purchase of a new...

10 Answers

Are there any DIY mums on this site?

I am keen to take on a paving project in the backyard. Just wondering if any other mums have completed a paving...

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Are you participating in Click Frenzy?

How good is Click Frenzy? Do you have to shop around? Are the savings worth it?

16 Answers

What are some good tips to saving money

Hiw to save money as money seems to be tight

8 Answers

What jobs are well suited for a single mum

What jobs are open to short hours

3 Answers

How to get on top of being busy

How do I try and get work while being a single mum

6 Answers

Can you share me advice on starting blog/ vlog? An...

I am a full time mommy and my husband works.Just want to help himwith finance. So, i thought...

5 Answers

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