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Tips for washing kids hair with grommets

MY 14month old just had grommets put in & I’m struggling with washing her hair! Does anyone have any tips?

1 Answers

Tips on how to help with post preg baby hairs

My hair fell out bad after I finished breast feeding. and now it is growing back SO SLOW! What has helped your baby...

5 Answers

What age to move kids from cots to a bed?

What age did your little ones move from a cot to a big kid bed? My oldest is 2.5yrs old and still in...

8 Answers

How did you keep baby safe in cot once they starte...

What did you sleep baby in to help with rolling/safety?

5 Answers

Toddler that has an epic screaming voice!

Our daughter is 21 months old and the third child, with two older brothers. She has developed a pattern that involves incredibly loud...

5 Answers

Ideas and recipes for toddler friendly freezer mea...

I’d love to work on some meals to have on hand in the freezer. I have a new...

4 Answers

When would you get ear holes for your baby girls ?

looking at whens a good age for them

12 Answers

Any recommendations for front loader washing machi...

I’ve always had a top loader washing machine but am looking to start my daughter on cloth nappies...

10 Answers

What age to stop breastfeeding ??

when is a good time

8 Answers

How to teach my 8month old to eat finger food

my 8month old wont hold food to put in her mouth. She will hold things but wont put it in her mouth

4 Answers

When to change baby seat to forward facing ?

my daughter is 8months now when will be a good time to change

5 Answers

How long to wait to drive after c sect?

I was advised 4?

8 Answers

Would my baby be feeling the cold at night?

We live in a old concrete house that gets quite cold. I have a 3 month old baby, I do my best to...

3 Answers

Broken hearted about a child that’s not mine

My family dynamics r very confusing for anyone willing to sit down and listen. Long story short, my...

4 Answers

How does your toddler go at day care pick up?

Everytime I pick my 2yr old up from day care she cries A LOT. I know she is overwhelmed and doesn’t know how...

1 Answers

Does anyone else's older child copy their you...

My 2 year old copies her 1yr old sister all the time. When she meets new people she...

2 Answers

How do you decide on baby number 3?

I have 2 children & just can’t help but feel I’m not done yet. They are 6 and 2. Huge part of me says why...

2 Answers

How long did you breastfeed for?

Is 12 mths long enough?

2 Answers

How do I help my 5 y.o son with day wetting

He has been toilet trained since 3 y.o (had a full on year with lots of big events so not an ideal start)....

1 Answers

Moving baby to their own room

At what age did you move your child to their own room? My youngest still sleeps in our bed but she is a...

1 Answers

Best tips to combating maternal burnout or just th...

Maternal health in the absence of a village

14 Answers

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