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Tips to remove corn on childs foot.

Any advice or best to go to GP?

2 Answers

Tips for having 3 boys!

I have 3 boys and they are so competitive.. any advice to help please?!

3 Answers

Tips and timing for weaning off a dummy please?

My daughter just turned two and uses a dummy for sleep, when do I need to worry?

5 Answers

my child has a big mole

My 4 year old has an ugly big mole/wart like thing on his upper ear lobe and I cant stand it. have I...

10 Answers

gastro relapse is it normal

has anyone else had a child that had gastro then another bout of it close. Son had gasto 2 weeks ago and now...

5 Answers

How to get my three year old boy to willingly go t...

After initial success, he has regressed and refuses to go to the toilet/use the potty, preferring to wet...

2 Answers

Toilet training

My 5 year old still not interested in toilet training have tried rewards and wearing undies with no luck. Am feeling like a...

2 Answers

My four year ol has started thumb sucking

Hi, my four year old has started thumb sucking, approx. 5 months now! not sure why or how to break this habbit. hoping...

4 Answers

What multivitamin donyou give your 1-5 year olds?

Currently using Nature’s Way

4 Answers

Fussy 4 year old who won’t eat new foods

How do you get your 4 year old to try new foods. My son is so fussy and I don’t know what to...

3 Answers

How do you get your 2 year olds to accept they hav...

So I have 6 kids all under 5 and just had another. (Hubby loves a big Family)… My...

14 Answers

Is it worth hiring a jumping castle for a kids par...

My son’s first birthday is coming up and we’re thinking of hiring a jumping castle for his party....

8 Answers

Has anyone used the healthy mummy app or shakes?

I been wanting to use the healthy mummy app and shakes, but I’m undecided whether I want to...

11 Answers

My daughter keeps pooping in her undies?

Any suggestions on how to stop this. She uses the potty do wee, and occasionally uses it to poo, but more than often...

6 Answers

Best value for money cruises with 4 kids?

Just wondering if anyone has had experience with going on a cruise with four kiddies any particular cruise better then the other ?...

9 Answers

When do you hold a party for a January birthday?

Many will be able to relate to this, holding a birthday party in January can be tricky: people...

16 Answers

My child keeps taking her clothes off

2 year old daughter always wants to be naked while it’s really cold day

10 Answers

Best games for 3 & 7 year old?

We have connect 4, pie face and monoply – any other ideas of games kids are loving?

8 Answers

Nerf guns?

This might be a silly question but my 4 and 6 year old keep asking for nerf guns and all his friends have...

12 Answers

Who else struggles with kids decorating the tree

I definitely have control issues with my decorating

9 Answers

Does anyone have any issues getting their one year...

My one year old hates going in her cot. She throws a tantrum and cries uncontrollably everytime....

7 Answers

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