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A brilliantly honest guide to the highs and lows of parenthood from the author of award-winning blog The Thud.

‘Articulate and hilarious. This is my all-time favourite go-to reference for every mother.’ CHEZZI DENYER’Lauren Dubois’ entertaining musings on parenting have saved me from the “brink” multiple times. A must-read for the modern-day mother who adores her children – but is happy to acknowledge the journey can be equal parts heaven and hell!’ ERIN MOLANYou walk out of the maternity ward with your new baby, looking back over your shoulder, waiting for someone to stop you and tell you you’re not qualified to do this. But they don’t. They just wave you on your merry way and that’s it. It’s up to you now.

Suddenly you’re a mum. Suddenly you’re crying at sad news stories, you’re picturing all the horrible things that could happen to your baby when you walk down the street, you’re plotting your partner’s death over and over again.

You’re wondering why no one told you it would be this hard. Something’s changed in you but you’re trying to figure out what it is and if anyone else feels the same.

This book is NOT a parenting manual. You don’t need anyone else telling you what to do with your child. What you need is someone who’ll explain what the actual fallopian is happening to you. What exactly IS motherhood?

So here it is: the complete, honest, uncomfortable and glorious story of motherhood. From the science fiction weirdness of pregnancy, to the sleep torture inflicted by babies, to the crapshow that is negotiating with your megalomaniacal toddler – and all the magic that makes it worth it. These are the things no one told you about motherhood. The joyous, the maddening and the hilarious.

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  • have a 16 year old Son who is going through the hormone stage – talk about moody. Moods change at a drop of the button and his 10 year old brother is now copying his behaviour so I now have to deal with TWO moody boys.

  • The low of feeling that everything I do is wrong. We are our own worst critics at times though.

  • The low for me who be the time my son got a glass splinter imbedded into his foot. We had to ‘dig’ it out with tweezers l, as it was a Sunday and all the doctors was closed. Hearing him crying so much about it, caused so much parent guilt to my husband and I that we both ended up crying along with him. My son was so distraught that we let him eat ice cream and lemonade for the rest of the day :(

  • My highs are the smiles my baby shows me, the cooking sounds he makes and his tiny little fingers wrapping around mine. Everything is a high to me with my third child who is 3 months young.

  • Seeing my kids achieve so much makes me proud beyond words can express

  • I’m winning when I can get both kids to nap at the same time… Then it’s Netflix and coffee time for me!

  • Highs was watching my daughter dance at her first dance concert. Lows was whenever I lost my patience when one was throwing a tantrum.

  • Juggling motherhood and step-motherhood to our 5 kids…in 2 different states…from ages 9-20 we are literally an evolution in process! From 3 different countries on top of all that, we have so much fun with food, language and culture combinations. Truly, no two days are ever boring…so blessed (and busy).

  • My low is when you cook so many different options for dinner and the toddler tries nothing!!!my high is when I hide veggies in my cooking and she eats them haha

  • Watching them grow inside, then losing them, seeing a mini-me will always haunt me, she was beautiful, sorry, starting to cry…seeing my gorgeous nephews & niece grow up is amazing xxx

  • Im a new mum, shes now 7months my lows has got to be no bloody sleep ahahahaha no matter how much coffee u have wont keep u up… Running on low battery all the time , trying to juggle the new life with a baby…

  • My 14 year old daughter recently not coming home from her fathers house & is now living there. Totally heartbreaking moment for me since I pride myself on being a great mum & always being there for my children.

  • The birth of both children the high being finally meeting them and the low being the pain after having them!

  • The highs are looking at your baby… knowing what a journey you have been through to get there! Knowing that every tear shed and every moment of frustration was worth it just for that smile!

  • Right now everyday is a rollercoaster. OH THE JOYS!!!!!

    My little on is ment to be three in a months time, Im sure she is heading straight into her teenage years already. Some days (not that I tell her) I fell like my daughter has to be the devil incarnate, she is the the smiling assassin.
    She can go from quiet, sweet, polite and the true definition of that old saying “Sugar and spice and all things nice, That’s what little girls are made of.”
    Then at the click of your fingers, get is grinding her teeth in frustration at her toys, she is screaming like a banchee, demanding do things with her or give her things and I have lost count how many times I’ve been in the firing line of those little fists.
    Or she is crying to excess with absolutely no idea what has made her so upset.
    Then to top it off the times that ive been told she doesn’t love me and wants me to leave (those tears were hard to hold back for mum).

    Everyday lately feels like living with a micro mini PMSing teenager with a very bad attitude.

    I am scared to see what I will get when she is actually up to that stage if thats what I have now…

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