My son has dyslexia. His is eight, I suspected dyslexia since pre-primary, and have researched it extensively on the long road to finally getting an official diagnosis at the age of 7. I have to point out that this video seems to me a bit ‘hocus pocus’ on what dyslexia really is. The root cause of dyslexia is more language based/auditory/phonological than visual. So I don’t see how twisting up text on a page using computer wizardry really simulates dyslexia. The primary problem my son has is mostly ‘phonological’ -that is- stringing the sounds of the letters together to make the word. He also has difficulty sequencing information, and remembering abstract information, especially in order. These was the most obvious signs-in preprimary despite seeming to be one of the brightest kids in the class he failed to learn phonics, while almost every other kid had mastered it by year one. When asked to cut out and paste pictures in order to represent the story goldilocks and the three bears, everything was out of order, despite him understanding the story in incredible detail. Only a small part of it is visual- he has been assessed by an OT, and found to have some trouble distinguising similar shapes i.e. a square vs a rectangle. He also mis-spaces letters when writing, and always confuses b with d (even now at 8) as well as having alot of trouble forming letters correctly. Though when reading he has trouble, mainly due to having trouble rapidly remembering which letter makes what sound, and then stringing the sounds together fluently NOT anything visual. The thing that has helped the most is intensive tutoring, learning phonics in a systematic, multisensory way, targeted at his ability, rather than what other kids in the class are learning. Now he as at the end of Year 3, and finally reading!! OT has helped with him with multitasking/sequencing and fine motor skills and his handwriting is steadily improving. He has trouble with language based maths problems, and learning timestables due to problems with language, abstract thinking and working memory, but with specific and focused help with his teacher his maths is steadily improving. With use of a calculator and pen and paper to write down multi-sequence steps, he is now showing some strengths in maths. I would be very wary of this video- dyslexia is not primarily a visual problem- focus on learning phonics, with specialised tutoring. If you are concerned with visual problems, it doesn’t hurt to have an assessment with OT, but if your child is dyslexic, visual issues will NOT be the primary source of your childs problems though the can co-occur with dyslexia. Also please do your research before jumping to quick fix solutions. There is no such thing as a quick fix when it comes to dyslexia- it is something your child will live with for the rest of their life, but with the right support from a good tutor, you, and their teachers, they will succeed and learn. And don’t forget usually dyslexic children will have many strengths, such as great people skills and empathy, which you should focus on as a positive.

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Published 23rd February 2019

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