Is this other parent that you mentioned with the axe the step mum??? If it is that a little scarey. And something needs to be said about it to her(or your Ex) if it was done in anger or as a threat to someone in front of the kids( could there be another explanation for this at all?). Is she now acting as a go between for you and your you dont have to see eachother.?
It also sounds like she is trying to find her place within the new family unit(although unwelcome). But boundries must be set like can you at least message me if you are just going to turn Up so we can provide a happy family unit for the kids?? Or can you let me know so we can work it ito the family court rules, with who the kids are with and when so the kids dont get confused, we all love routines??. If its a birthday gift she is dropping off you might just have to smile and make the visit as quick as possible but if its for any other reason thats not fair on you at all. Its hard enough to deal with shared custody or custody visits without extra unwelcome ones.
Also in regards to the school if their is a court oreder in regards to the kids make sure the school has a updated one so they are aware who is aloud to see the kids on the school grounds etc…. And state that its only you or the peolpe on your emergancy list that are welcome to see the kids without you present. Maybe even work out a codeword with the school that if a person knows it then its ok, but the school must call you if they dont.

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Published 20th August 2019

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