I have recently gone vegan after watching some documentaries and videos and wondering if people know this stuff why do they still eat meat

Posted by runofffeetmum, 14th March 2016

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  • I think most people would argue that overpopulation will be a greater problem in the future.

  • I could become vegetarian, but not vegan. I like my eggs and dairy too much to give them up.

  • On another note reading everyone’s post about nutrition and what the diet lacks. I always cop slack being vegan especially when pregnant with people asking how I get enough nutrients yet my friend pregnant at the same time drank 5 cokes and only ate white foods with no veg never had one word said to her. I think people like to be little vegans to make themselves feel better about their diet by convincing themselves it’s better for them. People are so quick to jump on the lets bag vegans and point out where they are nutritionally missing yet don’t look at their own diet critically. Let’s be honest there aren’t many of us who truely eat by the food pyramid we all eat way too much protein and carbs and not enough fruit and veg. Sorry if this offends anyone. But it had to be said. And yes I do get blood tests and my levels are great.

  • I am a vegan of ten years, my hubby ( not vegan) thought of himself as an environmentalist but after watching a doc was mortified at what he was contributing to. He eats mostly vegan with me and on the occasion gets a milk coffee or eats non vegan if we go out for dinner.

  • Congratulations :-)

    There are plenty of pro-vegan doco’s out there… Forks Over Knives also comes to mind.

    I’ve been vegan since 2000, Raw Vegan since August 2011 & fruitarian for two years, don’t take supplements & lack nothing. It just keeps getting better & better for us in every way!

  • I could easily and very happily become a vegan. I love love love my veggies. But with hubby and kids, I find I cook to please the masses. Maybe when it’s just hubby and me

  • I don’t think you can apply your reasons and beliefs onto everyone as there will always be individuals who don’t agree with you.

  • Contrary to another post, eating a vegan diet does leave you deficit in crucial B vitamins that are found only in animal and animal products. Supplements are needed with a vegan diet – and I dread to imagine what damage producing those does to the environment. The energy involved in production and distribution of the vitamin, its packaging, labeling etc. does not seem to justify the moral high ground of not eating say, a free range egg, to naturally get what you need.

  • It’s hard to take kids fully vegetarian when they won’t eat anything green!

  • Nope sorry to say i still love my meat in my foods….

  • I turned vegetarian since 1990 and now gradually moving on to vegan style, it does wonderful to me knowing I am contributing to help maintain a better environment.

  • I would suggest gathering information and researching all sides of nutrition, a healthy and sensible approach to making an informed choice when it comes to making a decision about nutrition and diet.

  • Thank you all for your answers to clear a few things up a vegan lifestyle does not make you have any deficiencies provided you eat a balanced diet there is nothing meat can give you that plants can’t, its simple there are healthy vegans and unhealthy vegans just as any other lifestyle, I highly recommend two documentaries
    1. Cows piracy
    These movies have changed my life and since becoming vegan I have so much more energy it is unbelievable I’m so much happier for it

  • I may not have the facts that you have, so some will say my view is biased or based on ignorance, but here is my philosophy. I am not vegan. I love meat, seafood, eggs, and dairy as part of a balanced diet. I was actually instructed to eat more red meat to counter my low iron levels (personally, I’d prefer an extra helping of silverbeet fresh from the garden than a steak). We have our own chickens which account for some of the eggs and meat we consume. These I know are not full of hormones and chemicals, and have a wonderful life as part of our family. We grow most of our own vegetables and fruit, so again, we have control there are no chemicals nor pesticides. I never purchase seafood imported from overseas because they can legally be treated with chemicals to lengthen their shelf life. These same chemicals are banned in Australia. So I only support the Australian commercial fishing industry. I am getting picky about the meat we purchase, and how it is treated. I have our favourite butcher that doesn’t pump the meat full of chemical and additive and water, and that is how he has built his reputation and repeat clients. You can taste the difference! The Aussie farmers need our support more than ever, so whether they are growing wheat or cotton or beef or lamb, I will buy Australian whenever I can, especially when it comes to food. I respect my daughter when she won’t eat the rooster for tea, when she raised it from the egg, but a chicken coop can’t have more than one rooster or they fight and try to kill each other (extra veges for her that night).
    I’d love to know which documentaries you found helpful, so I can be better informed on this issue. I feel if we can appreciate how all our food moves from the paddock to the plate, we will be better off.

  • I went vegetarian at the start of this year, and intend on going vegan. I think people still eat meat for a variety of reasons; it’s so versatile and tasty and they don’t want to give that up, they’re not educated enough to understand what it does to the environment, they don’t want to in general, etc etc. I found an article that talked about meat and dairy products actually causing cancer, which is a big enough reason alone, to me. Being vegetarian is a lot easier than being vegan, but it’s a start. So many foods have some sort of animal product! I don’t buy eggs though, only use them when my ducks and chickens lay them so at least I know they’re cruelty free!

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