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Will it hurt when my friends fall pregnant

My husband and I have been trying to fall pregnant for a little over 2 years now, neither of us have issues as...

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Forget cabbage leaves Mums this will help you even more!

I am the lucky mum of 4 beautiful girls my first Harmony was stillborn at 37 weeks due...

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It's not always as easy as it seems…

At 29 I gave birth to my 3rd and final child (now 2). I had a 3rd c-section...

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An embarressing start to school!

So my daughter started school this year. Only into the last day of the third week today. As i was walking her in...


Fussy eaters

So my children are pretty good eaters and my friends always ask me how did i do this. Well my top tip has...

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5 minutes peace for mum! Fun, free toddler activity!

A Simple activity for frustrated, bored toddlers. (or mums tearing their hair out during the day, needing 5...

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teenager staying in room all day

I have a daughter aged 12 going onto 13yrs, since we brought her a mobile phone for Christmas 2018 she has been in...

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What is every one doing for easter, I have 2 little ones that don’t or can’t eat chocolate so trying to figire out...


Tired Mummy

Hello mummy fans out there, I am a single mummy and don’t tend to get much sleep. How do you all make up...

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Our son is a wonderful man

Having three children under two was really hard . Melissa then twins Mathew and Martin . Mathew and Martin are the best of mates...

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You Have Triple Negative Breast Cancer

My story is to remind all you Mums out there to please check your breasts for lumps or have your mamograms every...

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I didn’t expect that! – The power of a few kind words.

This weekend just past was a hectic one. Well… to be honest it’s been a hectic year. Or few....

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Live Life Get Active: Another great free fitness initiative

After many months searching for some fitness activities to do I was delighted to stumble upon the Live...


Travel and being prepared

There have been stories about travel and what is and what is not allowed in countries. I would love to recommend Smart...


Travelling to Singapore with children

We are going on a family holiday to Singapore/Malaysia/Thailand. My biggest concern with my children is the food and risk of getting sick....

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Tips for school homework.

So i have always struggled to do homework with the kids until now. My daughter and i have a new found routine. We...

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learning Auslan

I have recently started to learn Auslan the Australian sign language for the deaf community. It has been such and enjoyable experience...


MoMs website issues

Do other MoMs members ever experience issues with the MoMs website? Sometimes I find it really hard to just log in. Other times...

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My dog ate my lactation cookies

We have a dog, and his name is Lattè. He is the definition of the word Special and to say that he has...

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Being a natural blonde, I find it hard to put nice colours in my hair with out it costing a fortune. Any other...

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Stowaway, the story of a spider in the car.

We pride ourselves by living in a leafy North Shore Suburb, but after yesterdays experience, I would happily swap all of that for...

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Extra $$ for busy mums

I sell unwanted items on eBay or similar sites and use this extra cash for treats for the family. Does anyone have other...


Home Loan Rates

It is always a bit of a sad day when the banks decide to increase interest rates on home loans. A rate rise...


Haircutting Kit

We received a new hair cutting kit as a gift and we have been using it for haircuts. It makes such a difference...

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