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Everyone was sick when I went into hospital to have my second baby

The night before my planned c-section my husband came home feeling sick and then during the night decided...

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I thought I didn't "love" my baby…

when my daughter was born I waited for that all engulfing surge of feelings that everyone kept telling...

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After-effects of birth

So I was late to the delivery room -my son’s head was already pretty much out when we got to the hospital. Because...

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Lonely sahm

I am lucky enough to be able to be a SAHM for the time being I have a 3yr old and a 1yr...

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Lonely sahm

I am lucky enough to be able to be a SAHM for the time being I have a 3yr old and a 1yr...

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An embarressing start to school!

So my daughter started school this year. Only into the last day of the third week today. As i was walking her in...

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Working Mum Juggle

How do you handle working full time and making sure your kids are happy? It’s such a struggle to keep a healthy work/life...

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Children with disabilities

I am a special education teacher and a mother of a child with a disability. It can be a difficult time. So I...

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Wrong uniform

So got my kids ready for school first day back this term. Except I ended up sending my son to school in the wrong...

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I was in the system, now i work for the system!

I often see and hear a lot about why ‘the system’ doesn’t work. By system I am referring...


Don’t rush you’re life away

Lately I have realised how easy it is to rush your life away! When I was young, I couldn’t wait to finish school...

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I had my hip completely replaced at 23.

I was born a very agile and outgoing girl. I loved to cartwheel everywhere and had a passion for ballet. I succeeded in the...

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Toy Story 4

I don’t know who is more excited about the up and coming Toy Story 4 – me or my kids! I LOVE Disney...

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Live Life Get Active: Another great free fitness initiative

After many months searching for some fitness activities to do I was delighted to stumble upon the Live...


Travel and being prepared

There have been stories about travel and what is and what is not allowed in countries. I would love to recommend Smart...

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Tips for school homework.

So i have always struggled to do homework with the kids until now. My daughter and i have a new found routine. We...

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learning Auslan

I have recently started to learn Auslan the Australian sign language for the deaf community. It has been such and enjoyable experience...


MoMs website issues

Do other MoMs members ever experience issues with the MoMs website? Sometimes I find it really hard to just log in. Other times...

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Traumatic life experience

In December of 2017 we bought our dream home. An amazing house for our kids to grow, an amazing backyard for the dogs...

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Dinners that help save money and time

The dreaded dinner time is here and you’re struggling in the kitchen with 3 young kids whining at your legs, dinner is taking...

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Reality Fake

So many of these “reality” shows on TV are as fake as they come. Taking “real” people to do things above and beyond...

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Shopmate service

Recently I decided to trial the shopmate delivery service from the US to Australia. I got a quote for the delivery and whilst considerable...

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Shopping a bargain

I find it hard to make ends meet with a family of 3 kids. Shopping bills are astronomical particularly if I don’t carefully...

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Extra $$ for busy mums

I sell unwanted items on eBay or similar sites and use this extra cash for treats for the family. Does anyone have other...

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