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My pregnancy story 32 week premmie

After a year of trying and a miscarriage we were finally blessed with baby number 2.At 12 weeks they found a blood clot...

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Water Birth

Recently, I had the privilege of giving birth to my second child via a water birth. After quite a bit of medical intervention...


When formula is right.

My newest daughter joined our family on 31 January. We were so happy with our new healthy baby and the doctors and midwives...

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5 minutes peace for mum! Fun, free toddler activity!

A Simple activity for frustrated, bored toddlers. (or mums tearing their hair out during the day, needing 5...


Toilet troubles (Encopresis)

My daughter is struggling with doing poos in the toilet. She has recently turned 4 and suffers from constipation. After much googling and...


Is it ok for another parent to yell at your child ?

I was approached by the teacher at my daughters kindergarten explaining that a mother had complained about my...

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Perthes Disease – an unknown childhood hip bone disease

I was diagnosed with Perthes Disease in 1976 when aged 8 years old. My son was diagnosed...

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Parenting Tactics

I’m pretty sure I can confidently say, that we have all at some stage felt frustrated with our child for not doing their...

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The Twins System of Socks

My teenage twin daughters were tired of getting their socks muddled up in the washing. They tried labeling them – but the labels...

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Health Well-being and Allergies

This story relates to me, but could happen to anyone, even a child. Some years ago, when I had a headache or some...

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Co-parenting isn't easy

When you have a child with someone sometimes you just don’t survive as a couple.That’s something i learnt very early on with my...

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Another Book

Thanks to the MoM’s team for another Reward and for another book. The wonderful excitement of receiving a parcel with a book inside...

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Live Life Get Active: Another great free fitness initiative

After many months searching for some fitness activities to do I was delighted to stumble upon the Live...


Travel and being prepared

There have been stories about travel and what is and what is not allowed in countries. I would love to recommend Smart...


Travelling to Singapore with children

We are going on a family holiday to Singapore/Malaysia/Thailand. My biggest concern with my children is the food and risk of getting sick....

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learning Auslan

I have recently started to learn Auslan the Australian sign language for the deaf community. It has been such and enjoyable experience...


MoMs website issues

Do other MoMs members ever experience issues with the MoMs website? Sometimes I find it really hard to just log in. Other times...


Travel and Learning

I have travelled to many places and seen a lot of poverty in some countries. We are such a rich country compared to...

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Stowaway, the story of a spider in the car.

We pride ourselves by living in a leafy North Shore Suburb, but after yesterdays experience, I would happily swap all of that for...

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Happy ???? Sad ????

So my son, daughter in law and grandson have returned home after a 2 week visit. Wow, how fast does time go when...


No waste challenge

We have embarked on a no waste challenge for a month. We are going to try and avoid all excess packaging and recycle...

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Extra $$ for busy mums

I sell unwanted items on eBay or similar sites and use this extra cash for treats for the family. Does anyone have other...


Home Loan Rates

It is always a bit of a sad day when the banks decide to increase interest rates on home loans. A rate rise...


Haircutting Kit

We received a new hair cutting kit as a gift and we have been using it for haircuts. It makes such a difference...

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