A Facebook post has gone viral receiving hundreds of angry comments after one mum shared a vent over the unhealthy lunch snacks aimed at kids.

Additive Free Lifestyle posted yesterday about their disgust at the back to school lunch snacks supermarkets were promoting.

They wrote, “So many emotions came over my body today as I walked through the fruit and veg section at my local Woolworths store. These stands were scattered through the area, obviously heavily focused on targeting back to school madness.

“This is NOT ‘convenience’. Convenience foods are when you grab a naturally wrapped banana, or when you double a biscuit batch and freeze some for that ‘busy’ week. It is not convenient to me to have sick kids, to have to go to the doctor and to have time off work because I’m sorting out weak immune systems. It is not convenient to me to go to the school because my child is struggling to concentrate, because they have anger issues and it makes me mad that teachers today spend more time managing behaviour than actually teaching!
“Specialists estimate that one in two children will be diagnosed with a disorder of some sort, such as autism, ADHD, ODD, Global Development Delay, allergy etc by 2040 if we don’t do something. Does that seem unrealistic to you? Well think about it!
“When we were in primary school how many kids were diagnosed with a disorder? Now compare today, how many are in today’s classrooms?
“How many children had an allergy when you were in primary school? How many children in school today have an allergy?
“How many children when you were a kid were morbidly obese? How many kids today are?
Are we a perfect eating family? No! Do we limit the amount of process shoot we eat? YES!
Jo x

(Now I’ll get ready for the defence, criticism and attacks. I do live in the real world and know that although I believe food plays a MASSIVE part I also understand it’s not the reason disorders develop).”

The backlash soon followed

After receving huge backlash over the claims linking food choices to autism they were later forced to edit their post.

“So sorry if I have offended anyone, that is never ever my intention! For those of you calling me a bitch, calling me uneducated, calling me ignorant and more (some comments I have had to delete they are that attacking) please know that this post came from a place of love.

“I have never said and never would say that artificial additives/preservatives cause neurological disorders. And I have never ever said or have claimed that removing them can ‘cure’ them. I have also never said that autism and ADHD are the same thing! I was simply meaning that disorders, diseases, ‘issues in general’ are on the rise! And they are!!

“What I do believe is that way too many kids are miss-diagnosed with ADHD as artificial additives/preservatives can mimic the same symptoms (not all kids are miss-diagnosed but many are in my opinion).

“My daughter was heading down the road of a diagnosis and my husband was diagnosed ADHD and medicated as a child. Please don’t tell me I know nothing about it because I do!

I also believe that families do need to pull their head out of the sand and wake up! Illnesses are on the rise, all sorts of illnesses and food + a toxic lifestyle has a massive part to play.

“I have no idea how this post got so out of hand to be honest. I posted it sitting in the car after I did my groceries because I feel angry. I feel angry at the food industry, I feel angry that people won’t wake up and realise that food is medicine. I feel angry that many kids are at school restless, that they go to bed at night with achy legs, that they get headaches and brain fog and can’t concentrate because they’re not eating enough nutritious food. Research says that kids have up to 6 packets of food in their lunchbox everyday and yes, it makes me angry because mostly, people know nothing else.

“Please know, that I’m not saying you’re doing a bad job or that you’re not a good parent etc if you do give your kid a packet of food. We buy stuff from time to time! We certainly don’t live 100% off the land (although, gosh wouldn’t that be nice).

“I edited my post once I got home and finished unpacking the groceries because I was thinking about it on my way home. I thought that people might attack me as it could touch a few pain points, boy was I right!

So once again, if you took this post as offensive I’m sorry. I would never do that deliberately.”

The post has received over 400 reactions, 100+ comments and 130+ shares.

Outrage continued

Parents are still very upset over the post despite the apology and have not held back in their comments.

One parent wrote, “You need to pull your own damn head out of your arse. You’re not at all qualified to carry on discussions and recommendations to families of children with autism or adhd. Keep your IGNORANT opinions to yourself. You’re a danger to people’s well-being spouting this crap.”

Another said, “Adhd and asd diagnosis are on the rise because the process they are diagnosed was changed so that the children that were really suffering and couldn’t get a diagnosis can finally be diagnosed! You either have these conditions or you don’t no diet no special food will take that away! Seriously get educated.”

Another wrote, “You can not be serious right? This has to be a joke. There are some people that have been misdiagnosed not going to say there isn’t. There is also people out there that have self diagnosed their children or themselves. However there is more and more evidence out there that these conditions aren’t on the rise but more correctly diagnosed. How many children were sent to naughty homes for boys and girls because they were “naughty”? How many adults are now being diagnosed with these conditions when they were simply called “stupid” or “naughty” as a child? Please list the study that you have seen that says that 1 in 2 will have something by 2040. Do some research and don’t think 1 article means it’s fact.”

Another wise lady said, “I think your choice of words and how your statement was written has come across quite harsh. Maybe don’t write a post when you are so angry – have a think about it first.” (wise words)

Another demanded, “If you’re legitimately sorry take your post down lady.”

Last week we shared a similar post after one mum posted on the Nestle FB page about the poor lunch snack choices they were pushing for back to school promo. Read more here.

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  • Parents have the decisions what they choose there children to eat. Everything in moderation


  • I don’t understand enough about either of them to make a valid comment but I have heard that diet plays a bit part of behavioral problem involving too much sugar


  • ADHD is known to be caused by an unbalance of chemicals in the brain. Some behaviour in some can be caused by diary products or potatoes. I know of one child who went uncontrollable after eating 2 thin slices of cheese, another who does the same after eating a serve of boiled potatoes with other vegetables (I don’t know what meat he had). Neither child had had any form of alcohol at at all.


  • Well said. Moderation is the key for sure.


  • She maybe should have used pen and paper and then thought about it later. If you don’t want the stuff don’t buy it. I don’t think any of it is school food but if they want to advertise it that’s their choice.


  • Well of course companies will be pushing their products for back to school. That’s just good marketing. It’s up to us to make the right decision for our family.


  • I think healthy is the way to go but everything in moderation. I think this woman is a bit over dramatic and needs to calm down a little.


  • WOW! So much in there to address. Maybe type a post, breathe, wait, think about it, read over it, and edit it, before sending. I am a Mum of a child with ASD and just to confirm it is not food-related at all. As parents, we all make choices on what we feed our child, so it is the parent’s responsibiltiy to choose what they feed their child. The onus is always on the parent.


  • if you don’t want people to comment on your opinion then don’t post on line.


  • I think she raised a few valid points and of course a lot of people would take it the wrong way and some would have felt guilt because they feed their kids lots of this stuff. Something has definitely gone wrong somewhere. I was at school in the 70’s and early 80’s and there were 2 overweight kids at my primary school and 2 at high school, nothing like the high numbers now. No one had ADD or ADHD, no one had any type of allergy except the odd kid being allergic to bee stings. Perhaps if she worded the article and did it when she was calmer it may have had a more positive outcome.


  • In part I agree with this post. So she was a bit emotional and was a tad over the top, but bottom line is these foods are not foods, they are dead processed particles of what once was food. If you do your research you will see the increase of childhood disease is linked with the increase of processed foods. Yes everyone does not have the time but how hard is it to give them fruit and support Aussie growers instead of multi-national companies that lie and claim that some foods are healthy when they are not. We do need to keep this in conversation without attacking people personally and encourage more people to go back to wholefoods, our bodies prefer foods closer to nature. But we need to lead by example no use pushing good food on kids if they see you not eating it. We need more gardens in schools which include fruit trees, how wonderful would it be if kids could go out a pick a fresh snack full of nutrients for playtime.

    • I agree with vegetable gardens and fruit trees in schools and communities supporting the gardens.


  • Meh, i send what gets eaten, not what will end up chicken food the next day


  • I believe preservatives and artificial colours and flavours very much contribute to the increase in issues we have today. Obesity is just the obvious one. Obviously the issue isn’t with people who eat this stuff occasionally, it is the people who eat processed food every day. A lot of people eat processed food for every meal. Just because there are “health claims” on the packaging, doesn’t magically make the food whole and nutritious.


  • Yeah that was a massacre waiting to happen. Seriously bugs me when people use their own personal experiences as proof of something medically based – correlation does not equal causation. And for goodness sake, at least read up on the conditions you’re writing about before throwing them around like alphabet soup in that mish mash of an angry post. The people this post was aimed at are all adults and perfectly capable of making decisions on what their children eat for themselves. Attacking them for what they put in their trolley is neither going to change minds or choices.


  • When I was a child in school there were probably children that did not receive a diagnosis that would today. It is actually progress that children do receive a diagnosis and do receive the support they need. Maybe diagnosis is more prevalent? Also; as a child I remember some children having lunch boxes with packet foods and so called convenience foods. Parents provide and ‘parent’ to the best of their ability. When so many children in the world go hungry I am just grateful that children are being fed and do have access to education and schools. I do not agree with the opinion in the post; but the person is allowed to have an opinion; I scroll on when there is no evidence to support an opinion. I do not feel the need to attack anyone over their opinion.

    • I agree with some of your comment which is not attacking when you don’t agree with someone, wise words.

      • Thank you! :) Respect is always so important.


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