I agree with you 100%
My middle daughter had issues with a boy who was a grade older. For some reason he decided that he would tease her. She ignored his words and told me that she didnt know why he said these things and she didnt know why he called her ugly because she wasnt. I was glad that she wasnt taking his words onboard but I wanted the teasing to stop so I contacted the school which prided themseleves on their no bullying policy. They spoke to the child but then he decided to step it up and get physical. He would walk past and pull her hair, shove her so she would fall over, etc. Again I spoke to the school. They spoke to the boy again and also advised my daughter that if she saw him to walk the other way. The boy did not stop. I was phoning the school daily. In the end their response was for my daughter to avoid him. My eldest daughter was 3 grades above the bully and without my knowledge decided that she was going to seek this kid out. She found him in the playground one day and slammed him against a tree and warned him that if he dared to touch her sister again or call her names then he would be dealing with her. She held him by the scruff of the neck and said “Do you understand?” She said he was really scared and said he understood and he was sorry. That was the end of that. We never had a problem with that boy again.
Im not suggesting that anyone do this. Im just sharing what happened.
I do think that schools need to protect out children and bullies need to be expelled if they refuse to stop their behavior. BUT… have you eve noticed on social media sites that adults bully others online….such bad examples :(

I know you have a long road ahead of you but I hope that your daughter responds to treatment and that in time she will find her light and see her true beauty. I wish you well.

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Published 21st August 2019

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